Friday, January 1, 2010

Great Northing.

Recently I have had the pleasure of beginning work on Great Norths album, we currently have 6 songs with Drums Bass and acoustic guitar tracked (along with some guide keys and a few other things here and there) we should be doing some more drums bass etc in the next couple of weeks.

This past week Hayden and Strahan came for a visit each to put down some vocals and electric guitar respectively. We tracked vocals live with one of the songs called "I Feel Alive" and I think its turned out really great Strahan and I sat down today and worked through his guitar part on it and its really coming together, I cant wait to get a real acoustic piano in there instead of the keyboard that's currently on.

I really enjoy messing around with a bunch of guitars and amps trying to find "that tone" but Strahan has recently made some adjustments to his rig. Hes gone from skateboard pedalboard(s) to a pedal train with some nice new toys and from whatever amp we could borrow to a beautiful new Fender Bassman, which sounds great. No messing about just plug in and play.

I'd be upset if it didn't sound so good.

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