Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christmas Album - Tono

Another Christmas song in the bag, this time with Tono who usually comes with his band the Finance Company.  Ribbons and large diaphragm condensers are probably 2 of the worst mic choices for an acoustic guitar, yet I go back to them over and over when songs don't want a pristine sounding acoustic guitar (like I could get if I used my KM184s, oh boy they make an acoustic sparkle). Its a bit annoying because I know I am going to get a really resonant low end frequency with the LDC or too much low end with the ribbon and depending on the song maybe not bright enough. I think I'll probably end up using the LDC, I'm actually really happy with the acoustic sound.

We didn't have much of a plan of what needed to be recorded so we started out recording Acoustic to a click and then doubling some Acoustic on Tonos Guitar before adding Vocals, Electric Guitars, Bass (my Hello Kitty Bass with the rag stuffed under the bridge, see Artisan Guns post) Piano, Tambourines, Shaker, Marching band bass drum, Organ (done on the Hammond) and then added some hand claps and a few electronic drums. What a productive day. 

Georgie Craw Photos

These Maracas are some of my favourites, they came in a box that says "Mexican Maracas" in big font and then smaller underneath it says "made in Taiwan"

This is my good friend Georgie, she had heard about my marching drums and wanted to take photos of them (see below) they looked so great that she ended up taking some photos of me for my bio.

LOOK AT HOW GOOD SOME OF THE PHOTOS ARE! Seriously, there were too many great shots to choose from. You should hire her to take photos of things you want to have on photographs or the internet or something like that. 
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Artisan Guns - Crowded House Cover

This room mic on the Piano sounded great, its a shame its very quiet in the mix.

Had quite a long day recording Artisan Guns covering Crowded House song "Private Universe" for a Crowded House covers compilation album.

Reuben played a really cool muted pick bass part, for a slightly more even controlled mute over all the strings I stuffed a cloth under the strings at the bridge

lots of Drums were recorded, we started with a base of kick snare and floor tom and then Alex added Shaker, Tambourine, Woodblock, Cymbals, Hi Hat and a Tom pattern on top.

Later we doubled the Snare for a thick Phil Spector-esq multiple drummer sound.

I mixed the song late last night and today to get it sent away on time to be mastered. Phewph.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christmas Album - Great North

Great North came over to record their Christmas song for the Album, we tracked Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals live with a guide Keyboard track and then overdubbed Piano, Glockenspiels, Backing and Group Vocals, Percussion, Organ and Toy Piano.

I'm really pleased with how this song is sounding. Haydens coming back to record some trumpet in and Strahan (who was up north while we were recording) should be over soon to record his guitar.


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