Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Artisan Guns - Crowded House Cover

This room mic on the Piano sounded great, its a shame its very quiet in the mix.

Had quite a long day recording Artisan Guns covering Crowded House song "Private Universe" for a Crowded House covers compilation album.

Reuben played a really cool muted pick bass part, for a slightly more even controlled mute over all the strings I stuffed a cloth under the strings at the bridge

lots of Drums were recorded, we started with a base of kick snare and floor tom and then Alex added Shaker, Tambourine, Woodblock, Cymbals, Hi Hat and a Tom pattern on top.

Later we doubled the Snare for a thick Phil Spector-esq multiple drummer sound.

I mixed the song late last night and today to get it sent away on time to be mastered. Phewph.


  1. I listened to the recording last night. HOLY FUDGE IT IS GOOOOOOD!

  2. haha thanks Sarah, should sound real cool once its mastered, bring the toms out a bit more etc.

  3. Oh man, I used to love Crowded House around Together Alone times. Wish someone had asked me for an ukulele thing <3 Not very original I reckon. Sigh.



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