Saturday, August 14, 2010

Christmas Album - Timothy Blackman

I am currently working towards a Compilation Christmas album with my new (but already good) friend Marty. A whole bunch of bands are working on writing their songs and will hopefully be ready to come out and record them in the coming weeks.

I had my first tracking for the album on Friday with Wellington based singer/songwriter Timothy Blackman. We tracked the Vocals and acoustic guitar live with my Kiwi for the vocals and KM184 for the acoustic guitar. I ran them both through a Great River MP-2NV pre amp that drummer Stu kindly brought along for me to play with. He also brought some beautiful Royer Ribbons that I used on his floor tom and bells and then also on the piano. Wow that Great River is a nice pre, have added it to the list of "things to buy"

So pleased with how the song turned out, a very simple arrangement let Tims vocals shine through and very tasteful use of jingle bells. Stu's vintage Rogers kit sounded great too!

I can't wait to get stuck in to everyone elses tracks!


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