Thursday, April 25, 2013

Live Sound - Farah Loux

After recording yesterday I headed in to do sound for Farah Loux at a corporate event. They had acrobats, a confetti canon that fired just before the band started to play, fake tattoo/makeup artists, a silent disco but instead of music: Morgan Freeman talked to you and there was bread with dips inside paint tubes. It was all very surreal.

Josie Tuck - Trumpet Recording

Recorded Trumpet & Flugel with Liz Stokes for some of Josie's songs yesterday. Ribbons just sound perfect for horns!

French For Rabbits

French For Rabbits were here over the weekend recording and mixing some songs for their album. We finished a single a couple of weeks back and they've just shot a video for it. They've also just got another grant so I should be heading down to Wellington again soon to work on another single, and they'll be back up to finish their album.

Here are some pictures of how Brooke spent most of her time while we were mixing!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Great North Video - To Leave Someone

I just updated my website to include the Great North video for To Leave Someone in the Watch & Listen page. The video for "To Leave Someone" is really beautiful/sad and I highly recommend watching it (unless you're wearing mascara that isn't waterproof)


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