Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Best Folk Album of 2013 Tui Awarded to Great North

Last year a good deal of my time was spent recording Great North's second album 'Halves' I'm so proud to be able to announce that Halves was recently awarded the Tui for Best Folk Album of 2013! Its been amazing working with Great North the past few years on their EP 'Soldiers' and first album 'Newfoundland' but I was especially proud of Halves and Hayden writes some very intelligent, heart wrenching, beautiful songs so its amazing to see some recognition for something that we worked so hard on.

Congratulations to Hayden, Rachel, Strahan, Dale, Olly, and new drummer Ryan! Special mentions to Matthew Hutching who played Pedal Steel and Stephanie Cole who played Banjo on Lead Me To The Light.

If you haven't heard it yet have a listen below.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Avalanche City at the Waihi Beach Hotel

Avalanche City playing at the Waihi Beach Hotel Summer Festival
5th of January 2013


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