Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mimsy Cable and the Nocturne Bell

A couple of days ago I was recording the live tracks for a single with Mimsy Cable and the Nocturne Bell. I took this as an opportunity to try some different to my normal mic placements on the drums. I've been wanting to try out the "recorderman" technique again as I haven't really bothered trying it for ages, so far I think the Overheads sound really great, I may be using it more often. Also got the telephone mic out for a distorted room mic. I set the Kiwi to bi-directional with the null aimed toward the kit which got a really great open room sound. Alex assured me he'd be hitting fairly gently so I put my Blue Baby Bottle up as a second kick mic, it sounded really beautiful, really punchy and heaps of delicious low-mid.

Cass used my Jazz Bass with the neck pickup volume rolled slightly back to give the bass a bit of a boxy tone and we DI'd the Wurlitzer ready to be re-amped later. Hayden played guitar along live in the other room with his amp. After getting the live band down Alex added some tambourine and jingle bells and Hayden played a few cool ambient extra guitar parts.

We'll be tracking some horns and vocals sometime in the near future!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What happened to February?

Well I've been neglecting this blog lots... sorry.

I've been working on a few projects here and there but have been very slack with taking photos etc. Today and tomorrow Ruby Frost is heading out to work on some demos. A song I recorded with her a while back, "Moonlight" spent about 2 months in the Bfm top ten which was nice to see. Yesterday James Duncan was over, I'm helping him master his band "Punches" album, I guess its taking a lot longer than people would usually spend on mastering but we're trying out a whole bunch of different sonic options which is fun in a really geeky way.

Also I've been doing a bit of live sound which is nice, I don't really bother to pursue doing it much but had a few nice shows recently. Amongst them a few shows doing sound for Avalanche City who currently have the #1 single in New Zealand, amazing!

Last week I did sound for them at the opening of Laidlaw Colleges new atrium cafe. and I thought I'd post these photos by Alex from Imagining the City I stole them  from his blog, you can see the rest here. If you get the chance go see Avalanche city live, they sure are a treat.


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