Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mimsy Cable and the Nocturne Bell

A couple of days ago I was recording the live tracks for a single with Mimsy Cable and the Nocturne Bell. I took this as an opportunity to try some different to my normal mic placements on the drums. I've been wanting to try out the "recorderman" technique again as I haven't really bothered trying it for ages, so far I think the Overheads sound really great, I may be using it more often. Also got the telephone mic out for a distorted room mic. I set the Kiwi to bi-directional with the null aimed toward the kit which got a really great open room sound. Alex assured me he'd be hitting fairly gently so I put my Blue Baby Bottle up as a second kick mic, it sounded really beautiful, really punchy and heaps of delicious low-mid.

Cass used my Jazz Bass with the neck pickup volume rolled slightly back to give the bass a bit of a boxy tone and we DI'd the Wurlitzer ready to be re-amped later. Hayden played guitar along live in the other room with his amp. After getting the live band down Alex added some tambourine and jingle bells and Hayden played a few cool ambient extra guitar parts.

We'll be tracking some horns and vocals sometime in the near future!

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