Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watercolours - Under video.

Those of you who occasionally read this blog may have noticed I have been toiling towards Watercolours album/EPs or whatever the songs turn out to be.

Recently Chelsea enlisted the help of Reuben from Artisan Guns to make her a music video for the first song from the album and oh wow its amazing. I linked to it on Facebook, but I feel like it deserves more of a mention than that. Look at it below;

Under from Watercolours

Monday, April 25, 2011

Teacups EP

I started recording Teacups new EP last Friday. Its always quite exciting for me to have another chance at recording a band I've recorded before and both Teacups and myself have come so far since we recorded their album. The songs are already sounding so much more mature, as are the band as musicians. Talitas gone through a few double bass's before this beautiful vintage Russian bass (a vast improvement on the student basses we recorded the album with) and I have an immensely larger and better microphone collection than before! 

The Double Bass I used a KM184 to capture string plucking detail and any high frequencies that might be lacking in the mix from the Ribbon, which I will most probably use as the main mic (if I can help it it'll be my only mic) it sounds great for a vintage bass tone that they're after. Plus just incase I needed the extra low end I put up the D112.

Acoustic I opted for KM184, again for upper end detail and the Blue Kiwi for more body. 

We'll be recording more soon.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Avalanche City Album release with Lisa Crawley

Did sound at the Avalanche City Album release last Tuesday evening at the Montecristo Room, Lisa Crawley played too. Not the easiest of rooms, but fortunately Riyan brought in a really nice rig and once people were in the room everything sounded pretty good. Heres some photos of the evening from SnapStar


Monday, April 11, 2011

Mimsy Cable and the Nocturne Bell

We recorded all the vocals, the horns and some Hammond Organ today. The horns sounded beautiful through the ribbon. 

I wanted to track vocals through the ribbon too but it was a bit too dark for the song, so we tracked them all through the Blue Kiwi. Lovely. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Watercolours (ex Chelsea Jade)

Chelsea "feeling it"

We added and changed some more parts on Watercolours (which is Chelsea Jades new band name) today. Some of the songs are just about done, but we still have 2 that aren't even started yet... 

Really happy with how that E609 sounded on Glockenspiel, just tried it because I had it out for the keyboards speaker but it sounded pretty nice. Also I mic'd the piano from the back with my KM184s which was a nice change, warmer and less noise from the mechanics, but maybe not punchy enough for some applications.


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