Monday, July 25, 2011

last couple of months...

Well I've been lazy about posting here for the past few months. In that time I've been working on a couple of things. I started the new Great North album  and we demo'd all the songs live (some photos from Strahans blog) Now we're just waiting for Olly to be back from Hawaii (where he is helping build an airport or something?)

I've also been recording some more things on Teacups EP and a few things have been chipped away at on the Watercolours album. Plus I recorded on some demos for Dan&Dave Gibsons new project (I might post some photos from them later if they surface, they took heaps so I didn't bother). 

This last weekend I recorded the start of some quieter songs with Hayden from Great North. 


Also Glass Owls recently made a video for their song "Griffin Boy" that I recorded a year and a bit ago

Anyway I'm off on tour doing sound for Avalanche City tomorrow for a couple of weeks so thought I should post before I leave. When I get back I've got plenty to do and some new projects starting up soon that I am very excited about.


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