Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Recording with Chelsea!!

Chelsea and I playing my marching drums today for her song Phoenix. We tracked the drums the whole way through the song about 6 times and it took quite a while because the tom pattern changes very slightly the whole way through and was tricky to remember. But it was kinda fun and worth it once we were done, I stood up with a drum on me for a long time though.

We also tracked a whole heap of vocals. The albums going to be really textural vocally with lots of layers of Chelseas voice and hopefully a few special guests soon.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Chelsea Recording.

Jonathan played some piano (Chelsea singing a guide track) (this photo may be staged)

he also brought his newly acquired Univox organ which is VERY COOL and doubles up as a guitar amp that James used. All the photos of it were really blury so here is one from the auction Jonathan won it from

great keyboard sounds and as a bonus its an amazing guitar amp! We recorded some cool flutey sounding keys on Phoenix with it.

James played some guitars!

Chelsea made him wear a shark cape.

It made for many lols whilst serious work was being done.

Chelsea recorded some Glockenspiel.

The next day Liz came and round and played some flugel (which was recorded with an MD421 if you're interested and sounded lovely) Chelsea also sang a bit and I think we have one song fully tracked (except maybe an explosion of harps and birdsong... but we'll see about that)

Progress is being made! Tracks are sounding really cool! Hooray!!


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