Wednesday, January 12, 2011

so much to tell you.

Well I hope you've been enjoying your Christmas I know I have. 

A Very Little Christmas was received very well. Thanks to everyone who spread the word, all the blogs that posted about it and everyone that said kind things. At the time of writing this we have had 3800 downloads from my website plus I don't know how many from amplifier and an average of about 300 downloads per song from I am very happy.

New Zealand Musician Magazine wrote quite a large article on me that you can probably still pick up (for free) in stores if you like or read online here

I've got all these ideas in my head for crazy other projects but I figure I should focus on some paid work for a while before I start working on something else... oh wait too late, I'm planning a concert next month outside at my place in the beautiful Oratia. A whole bunch of really great bands are playing and its only $15

(the photo was taken by Ivy from Luckless)

Sheesh what a great lineup. If its anything like last year its going to be a special evening. 

One of my favourite bands from last year;

Best get back to calling people about hiring lights and seats and all sorts of other fun things.


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