Sunday, December 20, 2009


For the past few months I (plus a few helpful friends) have been organising Farmstock, a concert/mini-festival at my house (which is almost a farm) in Oratia.

Last night it happened and went great! Avalanche city had to pull out due to vomiting+187 Gangsters (a comedy hip-hop act who may or may not also be a popular local band) plane from Sydney got delayed and cancelled but it worked out well as it made for a more relaxed running order.

Right now I am exhausted. I was out the door at 8 on Saturday to pick up the PA from Musicworks (who kindly sponsored the event) and almost didn't stop (excpet for a lunch break) till 5 when I had a quick shower and was back out ready to do sound for the whole evening.

When the "stage" was delivered at about 11am I discovered that the lady on the phone hadn't looked at the stage and just read from her computer screen the dimensions and it was considerably smaller than she had said... We ended up sending the stage back and getting it refunded. Dad and I collected pallets from neighbours and used the massive super heavy pallet thing from behind our packing shed to put together a stage at least 3 times the size of the one I had booked!

That was the only major hitch, otherwise everything ran smoothly, no noise complaints, no rain, enough people showed up. Overall I think a good time was had by everyone!

Here are some photos of my hard work+bands and some videos too (slightly poor quality on my cheap camera, but its the thought that counts right?)

Chelsea Jade

John Bristow

Mali Mali
The Wicks

Phil Austen and the Bayonets


Lisa Crawley

The Gladeyes

Great North

Jocee Tuck

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