Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Great North Album

I was very happy to start work on Great Norths album this weekend, Hayden popped over a few weeks ago and we made a quick recording of him singing through the songs with an acoustic guitar, they're really good. I am quite excited to get on and hear them fully formed!

This weekend we tracked drums, bass, acoustic guitar, guide keys for 6 of the proposed 9 songs and on one of the slower numbers "I Feel Alive" Hayden pulled a touching vocal take out of the bag which was tracked live with the rest of the band!

We're going for a much more natural sound this time around, no click tracks, less mics (despite the amount I put out I think I will probably only go for one or two on the drums). We're going to be re-tracking the piano parts on a real acoustic piano (thank goodness! I hate fake piano). We're even going to be attempting tracking another of the quieter songs all live in my lounge with the piano we have in there and everyone in the same room (except maybe Strahan, hes a noisy boy!)

I can't wait! Will keep you informed as to how its all going in the new year

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