Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mimsy - Guitar Recording

Hayden came over with Mimsy to record some guitar for her album. He borrowed a cool old Firebird that we plugged in to my Princeton Reverb, it sounded so good!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mimsy Cable - More Bass

Cass and Mimsy came back and recorded more bass for a couple of songs on Mimsys Album, same inputs as last time, a track through the 1073DMP and a track through the Sansamp.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Parachute & Timaru

Paper Kites - Parachute Mainstage on Friday

This weekend just been I was working at; Parachute, Timaru and then back to Parachute again. My weekend started with Paper Kites on the Mainstage at Parachute, I went on tour with them and Avalanche City last year so it was nice to see them again, they played great! Later Avalanche City took the stage, they had a huge audience and I was really happy with how it sounded, we'd had a soundcheck earlier and I felt fairly comfortable. I love shows like that. They had a signing booked in later and had to turn half away and book in another signing because so many showed up!

My view of Avalanche City playing Parachute Mainstage on Friday

View of Fridays Mainstage performance from the Parachute Website
 On Saturday we flew from Hamilton to Wellington in a fairly small plane, then we flew from Wellington to Timaru in a 19 seater plane! We got off the plane and went straight to the South Canterbury Wine and Food Festival where they were playing. No soundcheck but apart from a few monitor issues (which I wasn't mixing!) it went fairly smoothly.

the 19 seater plane from Wellington To Timaru
A friendly iLive at the South Cantebury Wine and Food Festival (right behind me hundreds of people were sat down with picnics etc)
post show beverage in the sun

On Sunday we caught the 2 planes back to Hamilton, landed in Hamilton at 2ish, got our bags and instruments and were dropped off to the stage about 2.30. Then we had 15mins to setup on stage, patch in mics and then 10mins for me to line check each channel and make sure everything was working before doors were opened and screaming fans ran in (it was kinda crazy) while they were running in I was checking with the FOH tech which vocal mic was which and then they started! Surprisingly it went great and everything worked.

Later I did sound again for Paper Kites on the Deluxe Stage and then headed home! What a fun few days.

Avalanche City in the Palladium at Parachute


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