Monday, April 25, 2011

Teacups EP

I started recording Teacups new EP last Friday. Its always quite exciting for me to have another chance at recording a band I've recorded before and both Teacups and myself have come so far since we recorded their album. The songs are already sounding so much more mature, as are the band as musicians. Talitas gone through a few double bass's before this beautiful vintage Russian bass (a vast improvement on the student basses we recorded the album with) and I have an immensely larger and better microphone collection than before! 

The Double Bass I used a KM184 to capture string plucking detail and any high frequencies that might be lacking in the mix from the Ribbon, which I will most probably use as the main mic (if I can help it it'll be my only mic) it sounds great for a vintage bass tone that they're after. Plus just incase I needed the extra low end I put up the D112.

Acoustic I opted for KM184, again for upper end detail and the Blue Kiwi for more body. 

We'll be recording more soon.

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