Thursday, March 17, 2011

What happened to February?

Well I've been neglecting this blog lots... sorry.

I've been working on a few projects here and there but have been very slack with taking photos etc. Today and tomorrow Ruby Frost is heading out to work on some demos. A song I recorded with her a while back, "Moonlight" spent about 2 months in the Bfm top ten which was nice to see. Yesterday James Duncan was over, I'm helping him master his band "Punches" album, I guess its taking a lot longer than people would usually spend on mastering but we're trying out a whole bunch of different sonic options which is fun in a really geeky way.

Also I've been doing a bit of live sound which is nice, I don't really bother to pursue doing it much but had a few nice shows recently. Amongst them a few shows doing sound for Avalanche City who currently have the #1 single in New Zealand, amazing!

Last week I did sound for them at the opening of Laidlaw Colleges new atrium cafe. and I thought I'd post these photos by Alex from Imagining the City I stole them  from his blog, you can see the rest here. If you get the chance go see Avalanche city live, they sure are a treat.

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