Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Great North BV's, Glockenspiel, Piano, Guitar...

Dale from Great North popped round today to record his backing vocals on the songs we have for the album so far. He finished quickly and we decided to try my somewhat noisy piano (the sustain pedal is dodgy) and managed something passable on one of the songs, although we might try another piano instead later. After the piano was too noisy we put down some Glockenspiel and then Dale got me to record a song he'd written about his son Thomas, which was really nice. It also gave me a chance to get the Neuman KM184s out for a spin, recently when I've been tracking acoustic its needed something dirty and rootsy and not so perfect etc so I've been leaning towards large diaphragm condensers and even sm57s etc. So it was quite nice to hear my Martin 000-15 really shine. Fortunately I'd just put new strings on too!

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