Monday, January 18, 2010

Glass Owls

Glass owls EP tracking stats day one,

Number of drums and bass tracks recorded = 3 songs
Total number of photos taken=3 (yeah slack I know)
Number of cups of Tea enjoyed by Anthony=1
Number of cupcakes consumed=7
Number of Sparrows fed=approx 18
Number of baby Sparrows Tomas held=1
Number of Ducks fed=0
Number of Crabs sighted=approx 1000
Number of Scoops of post recording Ice Cream in Dave and Anthony's cones=2 each
Number of Scoops of post recording Ice Cream in Tomas's cone =3

Glass Owls came out to my place to start work on their EP today, we're doing drums and bass live with some acoustic live and an electric guide and then everything else on top. After recording Tomas Anthony and I headed out for some food and found some sparrows who very much enjoyed eating the cones from our ice creams then visited French Bay where we found so many crabs! Tomorrow looks set to be another fun day recording.

(I think after I took this I must've adjusted the snare bottom mic I just worried and took a look over at it but its fine now, not that I should be too worried I don't think I'll be using that mic in the mix, or the toms for that matter) (also yes a bass clarinet case is replacing the missing right leg to stabilise the kick!)

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