Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Great North Album

I am feeling exhausted having spent the weekend recording a few more songs for the Great North Album. It took some time but we managed to get 3 songs tracked, 2 with live vocals. All the songs were pretty new and in the heat things got a bit stressful and grumpy but we made it through.

One song we ended up completely stripping back and re-arranging, going from more up beat poppy feel to very very mellow. So mellow that Hayden was able to sit in the same room to track his acoustic and vocals.

On one of the other songs we wanted to add a rattle on the ride cymbal and Olly hadn't got one so I carefully dismantled one of our taps! You can see the tap taped on below.

I spent alot of time on Friday messing around with our piano, carefully replacing felts and playing around with different adjustments so we could track some piano and vocals live with the album closer "All Eyes". After a while we ended up not tracking the vocals live for that song but put down a live acoustic piano anyway.

We intend on replacing all the other keys on the album but considering how piano focused this song is I thought it would be best not to replace it (considering we're not going to a click)

(yes that is a beta57a on the piano, sounded great too!)

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