Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wildwood Lights

This Thursday Wildwood Lights are having their EP release (recorded at Little Monster a couple of months ago) at the Wine Cellar, here's some photos of the recording. I stole these from their tumblr


Please note the deadly serious recording photos for documentational use only as seen below. Haha.

Sarah used to play drums in Debutantes which was probably my first attempt at seriously recording something at home. It turned out pretty good, but we both honed our skills a fair bit over a few years and I got a message a few months ago that she had a new band and needed some recordings quick! Turns out that Hannah makes a delicious calzone and is also sister of Alex from Artisan Guns and Candy works at one of the most amazing cafe’s in auckland (Kauri Gum store in Kumeu) Together they form Folk trio Wildwood Lights who sing about celebrity crushes, americana and broken hearts. SWOON.

they also make some nice music/photos. Enjoy!


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