Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cool Rainbows-Revolver Studios

I met Djeisan probably about 2 or so years ago when Dan from Bearcat bought him round for a cassette tape manufacturing adventure for a limited edition Bearcat release at a Wellington show.

Djeisan does alot of recording himself (Dear Times Waste, Brand New Math, Trees Climbing Trees) but so far I have only really helped out on a vocal tracking session with an artist he was recording at the time. Anyway a few thursdays ago I got a call “hey Dave, wanna come out to Waiuku to Revolver Studios and engineer on recording my new project cool rainbows all weekend?” “umm…yup.”

Had a really great weekend tracking drums (Alex Freer) and bass (Cass Mitchel) and percussion and some extras for 7 songs. Really great to get in to a beautiful sounding studio with a crazy amount of cool gear and track some great music with some amazingly talented and all round lovely people.

I’ve posted some of the photos below. (some are stolen from the wonderfully talented Cass who I'm sure wont mind!)



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