Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Phil Austen and the Bayonets

some days I have shiny DW Drums in my bedroom, or at least I do when Joel comes round to track drums for some more songs for the forthcoming Phil Austen and the Bayonets EP.

We started recording the EP early this year and I am pleased to say its almost finished. The band wanted to do 2 more songs, which we did over the past 2 weekends but I forgot to take photos after drums.

When I checked the drum sound we had I wanted a wider tom sound, so I moved the KM184 overheads (I like an XY pattern it makes the drums feel more like one instrument) so that my X and Y where looking at each tom and resided exactly over the centre of the kick and lined up with the snare in the center too. I have to say I was quite pleased with the idea and the results were great!

One of the songs has a sea theme and we got my brothers dad and their friends in to track drunken pirate gang vocals for the breakdown which was quite amusing.

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  1. why can't your brothers be around when we need a gang vocal for OUR sea-themed song?!




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