Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Week EP

My dear friend Chelsea (http://willowships.blogspot.com/) is currently helping me with some design work for Little Monster, in return I agreed to help mix/master her delightful "One Week EP" projects where a whole EP is written and recorded in a week.

The first EP she did alone and gave away in return for something you made yourself (her blog explains all) For the second projects she collaborated with the multi talented Alex Freer, Reuben Stephens and Jono Pearce from Artisan Guns and they crafted something rather special, heartfelt ballads, autotune masterpeices, 50's guitar tones... Everything you could ask for!

So this Saturday Jono popped round with all the files on his laptop and we gave them a quick tweak here and there and I gave the whole thing a quick master before sending Jono back with a CD. Its turned out really great! If you're interested in the process you can view it online at willowships.tumblr.com

heres some videos from their tracking taken by Chelsea

sometimes I wish I had a cheap video camera running and could use that mic to record drums with they always sound fantastic!

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