Monday, March 22, 2010

Mali Mali

Ben came round and we tracked some more bits and pieces for Mali Malis EP. We re-did guitar on one song where Ben decided he wanted a tempo change and fortunately I was able to refer back to the blog I made from the original recording to see where I had mics sat. (Woo, my blog has been useful!)

We recorded the whole song at 140bpm and then I got Ben to play the slowed down part after the recording at 127bpm and moved it in to place. I put tempo changes either side of the moved in part so that the outro would be in time with the click for when we come to record drums.

We also recorded some guide vocals on the songs so when we get people in to play guitar and drums etc it will help them for reference as to the song structure. We had planned on recording the actual vocal takes today but found it really difficult to be inspired about anything without hearing the rest of the song sounding more like the final product.

We also recorded the loops that Ben has been playing his songs with live. We just recorded right from his boss loop pedal (except one song where we're going to re-make the loop in protools in time with the song, the other loops are more noises that don't have any impact on timing) They might get a bit of treatment in the mix to make them a bit more interesting but we wanted to keep the loops sounding quite lo-fi still.

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