Monday, March 8, 2010

Cutlery Drawer

I just put a very quiet layer of bells on a Great North track to give it a bit more drive. But then I wanted it to step up a notch halfway and have a thick percussive sound (but still very quiet) almost like people marching. I put down a couple of layers of bells and tambourines and had almost given up when I thought of sound of a cutlery drawer closing...


FYI; Cutlery drawers are REALLY HEAVY.

another item on the list of odd things I've recorded;

My amp turned up full making noise. Had to record 10 minutes worth (5 min track, I could hear the fades when I tried to loop it) of this while sitting silently, not moving

I sat for about 2 mins and then went to make a cup of tea. Now we have a nice sounding bed of noise for the track, in stereo too. Yes I have plugins for this but they weren't the right noise.

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