Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teacups - Choir

We really need to work out a system of having a choir that does all the choir parts on everyones songs. I love group vocals! We recorded some choir-y parts on the Teacups EP and some foot stomps and handclaps and now I think its 99% recorded... (we just forgot 1 vocal line that Chelsea needs to sing and maybe I'll end up adding more percussion or something when it comes to mix)

Talitas presence was with us today in the form of Liz's t-shirt. (that is Talitas face on her shirt)

To capture the little choir I had KM184s in a spaced pair and then the Kiwi set to omni, we double tracked most of them and I might use the stereo mics from one take and then the Kiwi from the other and then on top of that there's other layers of the group singing different harmonies.

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