Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ivory Coast - Drum Recording

We recorded some more drums for Ivory Coast's album over the past couple of days, we tracked a couple of new songs and then re-did some of the songs that had changed a bit since the initial drum recording and added some extra percussion here and there. Despite me having a nasty cold it was actually a fun couple of days of recording!

I tried out my Studio Projects C4's as some stereo room mics (they were ok, not sure if I'll bother again) and I had an MD421 as an extra kick mic on the floor just angled up to the front of the skin (which actually sounds really great). In total I had 14 mics on the kit, which is quite a few for me but I like to get a few options up so I can delete most of them. For one song we tracked yesterday I'll probably only be using the kick, snare and the ribbon mics. But its nice to have the others there in case maybe I wanted to have the stereo room mics for to give the drums some stereo interest or more depth or maybe I needed a little more hihat or a tom etc.

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