Monday, April 26, 2010

Artisan Guns Ep Release Party

I was doing sound at the Rising Sun on Saturday for Artisan Guns EP Release. The show went really well. I enjoy Rising Sun when I get a decent amount of time to setup and tune everything right, it usually sounds good and either the GL2400 or Midas they usually have there keep me happy. Subterranes were amazing as per usual and Artisan Guns played an incredible set.

I took the photo above at soundcheck when I had enough time to do that, Artisan Guns draped the whole venue in flags and put ducks everywhere it looked great!

What a lovely evening!

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  1. Hi there Dave, my name is Debbie Kerr, I am a singer, and a local waitakeri resident (Green Bay). Dave can you please email me your home phone number please? as I need to discuss something with you. my email is am sorry, I am not an overt computer tec savy person, I don't even know how to blog!!! :0) Cheers Dave.



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