Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lets get outta this town.

Bearcat released their album nationwide a couple of weeks ago so they thought it was only fair to go and visit the finer parts of the country. Dan Jocee enlisted the help of Paul and myself (on drums and bass respectively) and we flew down to Wellington to play Watusi on the Thursday evening.

On Friday we woke up super early and caught the ferry to Picton then drove to Christchurch and played at Red Panda's (an organisation who put on all ages events in Christchurch) Prom. Oh my goodness there are going to be some great bands coming out of that city soon!

Both nights were great! Wellington had heaps of people in crazy (sometimes a bit scary verging on misfits) panda face paint and in Christchurch everyone was dressed in suits and ball gowns dancing crazy! Plus the people of Christchurch are super friendly!

I had to desert the Pandas to shoot back up to Auckland and play a show with Grace Lawry which was a bit disappointing to miss out on road trip to Dunedin, but Grace's show was well worth it! Pukekohe was crazy cool! Here are some photos from the trip...

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