Sunday, February 17, 2013

Malborough & Devenport Wine and Food Festivals

View from the stage at soundcheck in Marlborough

Last Friday I caught the two planes to Blenheim with Avalanche City for a beautiful dusk soundcheck for the Marlborough Food and Wine Festival the next day. What a beautiful place Blenheim is! The next day we had just enough time for a glass of wine or 2 before Avalanche City played and we headed straight out to catch the smallest plane I have ever been on!

The smallest plane I have ever been on!
Marlborough Wine and Food Festival
Today in a continuing theme we made our way to the North Shore for the Devenport Food and Wine Festival. My photo couldn't capture it but the two kids at the front left of the stage were such sassy dancers and received applause when they broke in to a synchronised dance routine. Next Friday we're in Hamilton before I fly out to Wellington to make a start on French For Rabbits album.

Devenport Food and Wine Festival

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