Monday, March 5, 2012

Great North - Pedal Steel

Yesterday Matt Hutching came over and added some Pedal Steel to a few tracks to make the Great North album extra country. Its such a beautiful and complicated instrument. I want one. Matt played through a Fender Blues Jr, which I recorded with both my Nady Ribbon and an MD421. I'll probably use the MD421 as the main mic in the mix. I chose it over the over an SM57 because it tends to sound slightly scooped in the mids and has a smoother high end that the pedal steel requires.

Also I borrowed this lovely 12 string from Hollie (aka Tiny Ruins) to add as another layer on the song we recorded banjo for the other day. Theres only a few more parts to do before we finish this album, which is good news because its being released soon!

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  1. Sho-Bud Maverick, I also have the same pedal steel, is quite old but still cool, student model but the sound has a unique character...


    Amrus Ramadhan



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