Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've never really noticed the little stats section of blogger until I recently upgraded to the new look dashboard... when I did I noticed to my surprise that I was near 10,000 views. THATS A LOT OF VIEWS. I guess somebody out there maybe looks at this thing. Crazy. Well just now I hit 10,000 views 

(at least 2 of those view counts are mine from being frustrated at it being sat at 9,998)

I haven't been posting an awful lot recently, mainly because I don't like to post without pictures much because I figure thats all people are interested in and recently I haven't been taking photos (partially due to absent mindedness, partially due to awkwardness of taking photos of people all the time)

But nevertheless work is being done, slowly but surely it is happening.

(there I said it, in big letters too)

The other week I was working at Fashion Week, I did sound for Watercolours (Fashion Week Edition featuring; Tiny Ruins, She's So Rad and Boy Crush) at the Liam/Ruby show.

It was a somewhat difficult setup (guitar keys drums cello and vocals)(I always find cello without a pickup a bit difficult live) in a really large reverby old printing factory. But we got it to work in the end. I bought a $2.50 piezo pickup from surplustronics for the cello. It didn't sound amazing but I could get it louder than a mic without feeding back and it sounded kinda like a cello. I also mixed a live recording of the band that morning which should find its way on to a video somewhere at some point maybe... if it does I'll let you know. I'm interested to hear how it sounds.

Look heres some pictures from

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