Monday, February 21, 2011

Tealight Tour etc

What have I been doing all summer? The other week I went on a mini tour doing sound for Avalanche City and Melbourne band Paper Kites. They sold out shows in Auckland and Wellington and packed out Hamilton too. Pretty relaxed few days, made some good road trip stops for bungy jumping, the incredible Huka Falls and various other touristy stops for the (lovely) Australians.

Apart from that its been nice taking a bit of a break, been working on some more Chelsea Jade stuff, although she's changed her name to Watercolours now (not her actual name, her bands name). Plus some mastering work and a few other shows including doing sound at the Zoo for Artisan Guns.

Some photos from the little tour (stolen from Sam and Sarah who I am sure won't mind)


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  1. The Paper Kites and Avalanche City too?!! Every band I have fallen in love with this summer (and more) I have found on this blog!

    Thank you very much for organising The Foothills. It was AMAZING! And thank you to your parents too, I assume the woman in the apron walking in and out with baking and tea was your mum, and the man who greeted us so nicely at the gate your dad?

    I had to pass on three friends' events to come, but it was worth it and next year I'll be making sure they come too.

    Thanks again and feel free to call St. John's Church Bucklands Beach to organise a gig there, I will provide the baking. :)



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