Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is probably my most exciting/excited blog post ever.

I am now in possession of a beautiful old Hammond E262 (one of the wood options on the E100) Tone Wheel organ, pretty much a B3/C3 but with lot less features and a bigger heavier cabinet. This was designed to be the home model with its built in speakers and they were made between 1964 and 1969.

Also it has a lovely Leslie (model 145) with it. I turned it on yesterday and it was the most joyous thing I have ever heard. This is something I have dreamed of owning for years. I never thought it would happen and am incredibly grateful to Mark, Roxie and the Haines family.


  1. I've had a B3 literally since birth; my parents owned one and I've owned two. I wasn't familiar with the E100 series. My friend just picked up an E262 from a church and it doesn't work. Otherwise, looks to be in great shape. I guess it is solid state, not tubes? Any suggestions as to where to start finding a fix? Thanks.

  2. From what I've gathered via the wonders of google (and looking in the back of my organ) the E262 is tubes, they were built between 64 and 69. The E100 series is essentially a stripped down A100 (which is a B3/C3 but built for home use) designed for those on a budget. Its just got less drawbars and presets etc.

    If you're in Auckland I think Clarry Schollum is your best bet (09) 817 2634

    I wouldn't recommend having a go at fixing it yourself, you're dealing with some very high currents around valves usually.

  3. Are these organs easily taken apart for transport? (ie. can the cabinetry be removed from the control section). I assume the pedals come off easily. I'm about to buy one and I only have a small hatchback car.

    1. Not as far as I'm aware, they're heavy and big when we moved this it took a trailer and 3 strong helpers to lift it on and off!

    2. Looks like I might be renting a Uhaul. Thanks for the prompt response!!



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