Saturday, February 20, 2010


This weekend I took a visit down to Splore with Clap Clap Riot as their guitar tech. It was my first real guitar teching job and it was somewhat eventful; basses getting knocked out of tune, straplocks exploding, stage hands hiding guitar amps from me, guitars just not going along with the scheduled guitar changes etc.

Despite this everyone held it together and the boys played a great set to a very appreciative audience.

Feeling slightly worse for wear and in need of some clean toilets we headed home today. Splore is an incredible festival set in an amazing location, however with the majority of the lineup being DJs or Dance acts its just not really my scene music wise. Had a pretty good time despite this though, bumped in to my good friend Tom, had a few drinks, watched Lupe Fiasco, ate some Jamaican food. Good.

(filming a song on the beach)

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